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Natalia Tomasiak

About the Manaslu Outdoor brand:

As I spend a lot of time doing various sports activities, I have learned to take care of many things that affect the overall comfort. I know that sun rays can make life much more difficult. Some time ago I received the Manaslu Outdoor creams and after testing them I can confidently recommend them to everyone who is active on a daily basis in environments such as cities, parks, as well as to those who go to the mountains and need something for special tasks. The Manaslu Outdoor creams smell nice, spread well, but above all perfectly protect our face. In addition, people like me, who always try to save every gram, should know that the cream also does not take up much space in our luggage and you can always have it with you anywhere. I do recommend it.

Natalia Tomasiak

Mountain runner, representative of Poland

She comes from Krynica Zdrój, located in the picturesque Beskid Sądecki. She currently lives, works and promotes active lifestyle in Krakow.

A representative of Poland, appointed by the Polish Athletics Association for the Trail World Championships and the European Skyrunning Championships. One of the best mountain runners in Europe. She has been representing the Salomon Suunto Team since 2016, and since 2018 also the Polish cross-country Team Petzl.

Ever since she was a child, she has been incredibly energetic. As a child, she tried playing basketball, doing taekwondo, swimming, and cycling, but it was mountain running which proved to truly fascinate her.

She is passionate about the mountains and mountain races, a fan of ski-touring, a lifeguard – a candidate of the GOPR (Volunteer Mountain Rescue Services) group of Krynica. In winter, she is a skiing and snowboarding instructor, and leads the winter “Safe Slope” campaigns organized, among others, by the Ministry of Interior and Administration and the Ministry of National Education. She has participated in expeditions to interesting parts of the world, such as the Arctic, Lapland, the Caucasus, and the Rocky Mountains. She has been fifth in the Skyrunning Extreme World Cup series, a representative of Poland in mountain running.