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Manaslu World

Manaslu Outdoor cosmetics were created to meet the needs of active people as far as skin care is concerned, especially in extreme outdoor conditions. We create and introduce to you a product that the market has not yet offered. The product we are looking for, which we want to use to be able to focus more accurately on experiences and emotions related to discovering the beauty of nature and the exploration of the world.

In every detail, we make sure that the product is perfect and extremely suited to the needs of the skin. We surround our cosmetics with care and attention not only about their interior, but also the external shape. All this in order to be able to convey even more accurately the idea that guides us in creating Manaslu Outdoor. We want to offer you the strength that lies in the ingredients of our cosmetics and in our mission, hoping that we are not the only ones who share the same feeling, desire and perception of the world.

Our mission is the world of Manaslu Outdoor – the world of nature and its elements. We want our cosmetics to accompany its exploration and complement the discovery of the unknown within ourselves and around us.

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