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Janek Lisewski

About the Manaslu Outdoor brand:

I use Manaslu Outdoor creams when kitesurfing. They protect me from the sun, seawater and, what is important, they are resistant to abrasion and do not run off the face. They have joined my kitesurfing equipment and I highly recommend them!

Janek Lisewski

Kitesurfer, windsurfer, snowboarder

A citizen of Gdańsk, on a daily basis he is a water and winter sports instructor. As he admits, his whole life revolves around sport. Since 2003 he has been a kitesurfing lover and instructor. He trains kitesurfers in Poland and abroad. He is a precursor of year-round kitesurfing in extremely cold water (3°C). Thanks to his ultra records he has broken in the last few years, from a kitesurfer he became an ultra-kitesurfer. He broke the first world record in 2011, crossing the Baltic on his own as the only man in the world. The route of 207.5 km (117 nautical miles) was completed in 10 hours and 43 minutes.

In March 2012, he tried to cross the Red Sea from El Gouna in Egypt. During this attempt, he failed to cover 30 km to land safely on a beach in Saudi Arabia.

After the contact had been lost, he was found by rescue services after 58 hours of lonely drift in the Red Sea.

In the same year, he went along the longest river in Poland – the Vistula, using a SUP board. In 20 days, standing on the board and rowing, Janek, together with Tomek Stobiecki, covered almost 1000 km (from Oświęcim to a beach in Gdańsk-Brzeźno).

In 2013 he took part in a 24-hour kitesurfing cruise, breaking the world record of 385 km in a 24-hour distance and setting a new record of 426 km. In the same year, as one of the few, he completed the prestigious “Red Bull Coast to Coast” competition, kitesurfing the distance from Germany to Denmark.

In 2015 Jan Lisewski was the first man in the world to kitesurf the Adriatic Sea from Croatia to Italy. In 2017, he attempted to cross the Aral Sea, but failed due to technical reasons.

In 2018 he repeated this attempt and on 28 September, after almost 11 hours, covering 204 km, he went across the Aral Sea (in both directions).