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Manaslu Outdoor
– natural cosmetics extremely well suited to the needs of your skin

The Manaslu Outdoor brand creates cosmetics for conscious and active people who want natural and effective skin care and protection.

The formulas of the creams have been developed based on the highest quality raw materials, both natural ones and those resulting from the latest cosmetology discoveries. The creams provide comprehensive care and protection of the skin against harmful external factors such as UV radiation, frost or wind. Manaslu Outdoor products create an effective barrier that prevents harmful air pollutants from penetrating the skin. The creams protect, and at the same time nurture, moisturize and nourish the skin, making it healthy and radiant.

Our ambassadors

Artur Małek

Himalayan mountaineer, climber

I use the city cream on a daily basis, and the extreme one when climbing and traveling. It does not freeze and it spreads well, even below -20°C …

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Renia Małek

Traveller, photographer

When I’m in the mountains or in the city, my skin is safe thanks to the Manaslu Outdoor brand. The creams absorb well, have a pleasant subtle smell, and above all…

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Paulina Ligocka

Snowboard champion Olympic athlete

When doing a risky sport, which snowboarding undoubtedly is, I try to eliminate every possible threat. That is why I have chosen Manaslu Extreme Outdoor SPF 50 cream…

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Janek Lisewski

Kitesurfer, windsurfer, snowboarder

I use Manaslu Outdoor creams when kitesurfing. They protect me from the sun, seawater and, what is important, they are resistant to abrasion and do not run off the face…

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Natalia Tomasiak

Mountain runner, representative of Poland

As I spend a lot of time doing various sports activities, I have learned to take care of many things that affect the overall comfort. I know that sun rays can make life much more difficult. Some time ago I received the Manaslu Outdoor creams…

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Ryszard Pawłowski

Himalaista, alpinista

Kremy zarówno w dolinach jak i te które zastosowałem powyżej 5 tys. m sprawdziły się doskonale, tym bardziej, że nie łzawiły mi oczy, co miało miejsce przy innych kremach, które stosowałem wcześniej.

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