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About us

Dorota Tawkin

Mountains have been accompanying me from an early age. This is where I find peace and unite with nature. They distract me from the hustle and bustle of the city and the speed of everyday life. In the mountains I can relax, slow down the pace, and feel the nature in the silence. I learn about myself there. The mountains also mean crossing borders, unpredictability and risk – they teach respect, common sense and humbleness. It was the mountains, respect for nature, and irresistible need for movement that inspired and motivated us to build the Manaslu Outdoor brand. It is also the result of my professional experience, which allowed me to start cooperating with a team of experienced technologists. It resulted in the creation of natural cosmetics for active people who are looking for uncompromising solutions in the field of skin protection.

Kamil Sobota

I am very curious about the world, always smiling – and I truly enjoy life. I try to infect everyone around with that joy. I love traveling – the farther the better. I prefer a hostel to a 4-star hotel. Mountain hiking in the Beskidy and Tatra routes means a great weekend for me. I have been skiing since I was a child, and for some time I have been running as well.

I have co-organized travel festivals: „Pod Górę” in Łaziska and „Rajzefieber” in Mikołów. I support football teams and Formula 1 drivers. My best way to relax is with a good crime story in my hand and Pink Floyd music in the background. You can easily bribe me with good pasta and a cold Czech pilsner. After a few years spent in the broadly understood business and trade, where I specialized in foreign sales, I decided to implement an idea that had sprouted in my head and together with Dorota Tawkin we have created and launched the Manaslu Outdoor brand. Especially for you.